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Thai Yoga Massage

You already know the benefits of a regular yoga practice - increased flexibility and mobility and relaxation. Imagine now of going even deeper into this modality of healing, by having a practitioner gently bring you even deeper into these yoga poses and then gently massaging and pressing on acupressure points or energy centre on your limbs and body.

As a client you stay fully dressed while laying comfortably on a padded matt on the floor, while I skillfully stretch and massage you and focus on the energy centres that are the most direct healing channels for you. Gently open your meridians or energy channels to bring you into health and balance.

"Thai Yoga Massage - A relaxing and rejuvenating form of shiatsu and yoga combined. Thai yoga massage takes the joints through a full range of motion resulting in a wonderful sense of well-being and stress relief, while stimulating the detoxification process by balancing the meridians in the body.  Highly recommended for anyone who is under stress, or just in need of a jump start."  Dr. Taras Rodak

60 minutes $60.00
90 minutes $80.00

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