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Sabine Gebelhoff
R.Ac., RYT 200

Welcome to Moonstone Healing Arts & Yoga

I have been on a healing journey since 1995 when a serious MVA changed my life. Struggling with a resulting chronic pain condition changed the path of my life forever.

Experiencing the healing power of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture to help me deal with my own injuries, I knew that I wanted to share this path to help others find the healing they need.

European born and raised, I always was aware of the healing powers of herbs and teas and physical manipulation. I blend modern medical knowledge and evidence based techniques as well as time honored ancient methods to deliver a unique healing experience.

Located in a private and professional setting, with plenty of free parking and time to enjoy the slower pace of a small community, you will receive my full attention to detail and precision to personalize a treatment for you.

Some clients may require a short series of treatments to improve their health. Other clients enjoy monthly or bi-monthly treatments to maintain good health and balance.

With your input I will gently and expertly guide you to a better place of health. I have been providing services in the Durham Region since 1999 servicing clients from Toronto, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Port Perry, Cobourg, Port Hope and beyond.

I dedicated a big part of life to learning and applying knowledge for clients, friends and family. Click here to contact me for details on how to change your life and move forward into a positive path of healing. Namaste.


Sabine's gentle but confident approach was reassuring and the treatment very effective- relaxing and refreshing - not at all scary!                                 
April 2005, Ann T.

Sabine, you are absolutely wonderful. Your treatments have given me a peaceful feeling inside. For years I was jumpy inside and now calmness has come over me. I love coming to see you. Your treatments are varied and never the same.
July 06, Greta H.

Sabine has been able to address chronic pain, fibromyalgia and nerve damage very successfully in a pleasant spiritually healing manner that is professional and respectful, calming and reassuring. It is the best thing I have done for myself in many years of seeking relief. Thank you.
April 2005, Sue W.

In just a few months you have helped to improve my health and well-being, and made me a "believer" in acupuncture! I leave each treatment relaxed and refreshed. The mysterious itch/rash has been "tamed" - thank you!
May 07, Penny B.

I was doubtful as to if acupuncture would help with my herniated disc, as nothing else was. I am very grateful for my treatments and the amazing recovery that I have made. Thank you so much.
July 2006, Tammy. A.

Sabine - thank you for accompanying me on this road of trying to age gracefully... everything from hot flashes and headaches to tension and achy joints, feeling
emotional and generally p... d off. The acupuncture needles go deep and so does your conversation and healing touch. And I appreciate your own sharing of your path... so that I know we're all vulnerable and we all do what we can to make it a little easier for one another. You're a generous soul.
May 07, Debbie P.

I feel so good about myself right now. I've smoked for about 30 years. I've been wishing I could quit for some time now. I wanted to do it as naturally as I could. I know it was hard work on my part but you were a big help, Sabine, with our acupuncture and just answering all my questions. Thank you so much.
Dec. 2005, Ann M.

Have attended the medical profession for many years and have never showed improvement from my visits. I've had very sore feet for 4 - 5 years and many visits to podiatrists - no luck. Began to get much more comfortable each visit with Sabine. I look forward to a few more. I am quite comfortable at the time of writing.   Thank you.
Aug. 07, Skip P.

I love my yoga practice! I truly look forward to Monday evening class. Sabine has inspired me to do my own home practice, with her teaching, knowledge and warmth I have become stronger, more flexible, opening my mind to Yoga teachings, expanding my own spiritual growth. Sabine is truly a gifted teacher who inspires all those that place their mat in her studio. With gratitude and blessings, Namaste
Sharon, Newcastle

A very positive experience in a most tranquil and relaxing and spa like setting. Sabine has a very professional and gentle touch. Acupuncture treatments attained great results for me and the Thai Yoga massage was a wonderful workout.
Patti, Newtonville

I have been going to yoga classes with Sabine at Moonstone Healing Arts for about 1.5 years and I love it! It is a very cozy and warm atmosphere - perfect for relaxing and focusing on you and your body. Sabine is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated and puts in time and effort into her practice.
J.B., Kendal

I have been taking yoga classes with Sabine for over 10 years. Initially my objective was to learn to relax and meditate in order to better deal with the stresses involved in my job. My objective evolved over the years and now include maintaining my physical wellbeing, improving my core strength and balance. My yoga practice is not confined to our weekly lessons as I am constantly trying to integrate the teachings into my daily life.

Sabine offers welcoming, challenging and thought provoking classes and is constantly seeking to engage her students in a wide variety of yogic practices. She is highly attuned to the health, well-being and safety of her students and her classes are conducted with respect and a sense of fun that keeps us smiling while working hard!
B. Rombough, Newcastle

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